Brand photography subscriptions for busy creatives.

get enough content to finally schedule your content calendar.

Serving Kelowna, British Columbia & Available for Travel.

i see you scrolling on social media & wondering how everyone else is keeping up with creating so much content

what if you could get a gallery of fresh content every 90 days?

is this fomo?

with a brand subscription

you could finally:

πŸ“± Post regularly on social media

πŸ’Έ Be able to showcase your services in a way that attracts your ideal client

πŸ™ƒ Feel confident about every aspect of how you are presenting yourself

πŸ’– Be at peace knowing all your content is cohesive 

πŸ‘€ Stop comparing your brand to everyone else's because you are confident with your own

(behind the scenes to final product)

If you are anything like me, you have a busy schedule. Our brand photography subscription is designed for those who want to commit to 4 sessions of brand photography throughout the year, and always have a high end gallery of images to draw from.

Once a quarter, we will spend half a day together, batch working your content creation. You will receive a full content gallery each time, and experience the freedom of having someone else do the heavy lifting for you!

Our subscription clients save money by committing to one year of brand photography. Monthly payments begin at $399, with optional add-ons available.

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subscriptions for busy creatives

the perks:

βœ“ full day of content creation
βœ“ 200 images each time
βœ“ Save over $1000
βœ“ Moodboard and strategy session for each photo shoot
βœ“ Always have a gallery of photos to draw from

does this sound familiar?

βœ“ It is a struggle to stay consistent posting on social media because you never can keep up with creating content

βœ“ You enjoy the visual side of your brand, but when it comes to taking photos, it seems like a hassle

βœ“ You don’t feel like your content stands out from the rest

βœ“ You know you SHOULD be including yourself in your brand, but can never get photos of yourself

Is this the outsourcing answer you have been looking for?

βœ“ Never have to worry about having a lack of images to post

βœ“ Say goodbye to scrolling through stock photos: you will have your own personal gallery of images that make sense for YOU

βœ“Attracting your ideal clients through imagery that speaks to them

βœ“ Establish yourself as the go-to in your field

βœ“ Getting back to what you love doing

Imagine this...

brand photography subscriptions

✦ One session every quarter over a year
✦ Full Day of on-location Shooting
✦ In-depth questionnaire for direction,  clarity & strategy prior to the session
✦  Dedicated email & phone support leading up to each shoot
✦  Collaborative Moodboard & shot list creation
✦ 90 Days of content delivered to your inbox within 3 weeks
✦ Travel within 50KM radius of Kelowna  (travel fees apply for 50+)

What you get:


If you are anything like me, you value relationships over being pressured into a sale. See all the details about the investment upfront & when you are ready, let's chat!

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Brand photo

Brand photo & VIdeo

$399/month for a 1 year commitment

✦ 150 photos per session
✦ 2 gifs per session
✦ 2 social graphics per session

✦ 150 photos per session
✦ 5 professional-grade videos per session
✦ 10 tiktoks / reels videos per session
✦ 5 gifs per session
✦ 5 social graphics per session

Brand photo & VIdeo

$599/month for a 1 year commitment

Brand photo


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