We are Levi and Victoria. Husband and wife creative team based in Kelowna, British Columbia. We are photographers, podcasters, and entrepreneurs who specialize in helping others build profitable brands in line with their passions.

Our motto is “Seek Adventure in the Everyday” because no matter where you live, there is always joy to be found. We can usually be found living this out by exploring new coffee shops, planning a road trip or dreaming of flying to Europe.

Together we have combined our love of creativity and adventure and built a thriving 5 figure business. We have photographed over 200 sessions and have helped countless women grow their businesses through high end branding.

 Are you dreaming of creating something beautiful and real?

We feel you.

We believe in businesses that are simultaneously 


professional and personal

(yes, we think both is possible)

We are both known to be a little passionate. When we love something we go all in. We fight for what we believe and love. For us, our business is so much more than just the way we pay our bills. Entrepreneurship is part of who we are, and we translate that into our content.

+ You see a lot of our face on our social media

+We talk about the struggles of business

+It’s common for us to be on Instagram stories making coffee


We wouldn't be Levi and Victoria without:

selfies in coffee shops

at home coffee (tea for victoria)


our tripod

We wouldn't be Levi and Victoria without:


being a little sassy


our community

How we got here

Because no one is an overnight sucess.







After dating since we were 15/16,We got engaged.
Dreamed up “Wilder Heart” as a side hustle over burgers at the  a&W in our hometown
Started our Instagram

Got married & Honeymooned in Bali

lived the early stages of married life

Began to take our business seriously

Spent hours upon hours consuming youtube videos, podcasts & blogs 

Shot our first wedding & brand session

Posted our first Youtube video

Victoria quits her job to pursue our business full time

Hit 1 million views on Pinterest

Launched hand drawn maps as a passion project to commemorate our hometown

Flew to photograph our first destination wedding

Moved to Kelowna

Decided to be more intentional about the quantity of weddings we took on

The pandemic made us fear losing our business, but also pushed us to create

Our marriage survived quarantine

Started our Podcast

a Tiktok video went viral and exploded our map sales

Photographed the most beautiful intimate weddings

Change our name from Wilder Heart to "levi and Victoria Creative"

Focus on Creating content for brands

Branch our maps into our sister brand: BODE GOODS

watch our bali recap

aka NOW

Ready for the next adventure

named after the lake where we attended Bible School

Click to check it out

Macarons, Dreaming about Paris, Sipping too much Earl Grey Tea, Forcing my friends to do crafts with me, Thrifting, sharing my Eczema journey


what I'm known for:

what I'm known for:

(usually wearing all black)

I’m a small town girl with big dreams. Some of those dreams have already happened: owning this business, being a photographer & creating content for a living. My passion for creativity seeps into everything I do: from organizing my Spotify playlists to putting together a charcuterie board. If you have an idea, chances are I am already making a mood board for it.

I'm shaped by music, creating and travel. Being at home too long makes me crazy. I thrive in new environments & creating new friends constantly grows my thoughts and perspectives. I crave adventure, to learn more about our beautiful world and my place in it.



Multi-passionate, Creative, enneagram 4w3, 

Bold visionary, not afraid to say-it-how-it-is, enneagram 8w7

get to know the team.

(and by team we just mean us)



Seeking beauty in the mundane of life is my mission

I secretly love hip hop music way too much.

-Cassidy, Brand Client

"Victoria and Levi are not only extremely talented, they are warm and fun to be around and make their photo shoots fun and enjoyable"

-Trista, Wedding Client

"They made two people who aren't used to taking pictures completely at ease"

-Estrella, Couples session

"They take the time to make sure you get exactly what you want and give you the best ideas! 100% would recommend!"

straight from instagram stories

From Dreaming up an idea in A&W to building a sustainable business

It has taken us years to figure out what exactly we “should” be doing, and even now, we still have our moments. Creating education and content for others has been the best shift in our business.

Victoria’s love of photography has been constant throughout her life, and Levi has come alongside and learned over the past years. We are known to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera, even if the only images they have together are selfies.


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we are known for making people feel comfortable

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Blog Post: How we work together 24/7

Blog Post: Staying in jillian harris's Airbnb

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